Festival in action

The First European Festival of Television Creativity for Children LET’S GROW TOGETHER is dedicated to the importance of RECYCLING, environmental preservation and climate change awareness.

In order to raise awareness about these issues, the LET’S GROW TOGETHER festival, in collaboration with the festival’s golden sponsors, Jugoimpeks and E-Recycling companies, announces a competition for the most imaginative RECYCLER. The competition is intended for class communities in elementary school in Serbia.

In the first year of the festival, we celebrate by emphasizing the importance of recycling in the fight for a healthier environment and a promising future for humanity, along with the way a modern child grows up.

Habits acquired in childhood are difficult to change in adulthood, which is why we want to highlight the significance of investing in broader education and fostering socially responsible behavior in children and youth. Through activities within the festival, the process of waste separation will be presented, socially responsible companies that handle this waste, how they treat it and their final product- materials that are reused.

The festival will connect the principle of recycling with the production of educational television content for children and underscore the need for greater visibility of such content.


Our planet has provided us with clean air, drinking water and food througout a geological period known as the Holocene. Scientist have recently announced that the Holocenehas ended, and we are now in a period called the Antropocene. It’s the age of humans, a time when humans are the primary drivers of change on the planet.

And humans have ideas and like to fix things that are broken. The planet is broken. It needs more clean air, more wildlife and more snow. We need to reduce the amount of exhaust gases from cars and the amount of waste we produce.

Do you have an idea for a machine design that will solve these problems?

If you have one, create your ULTRA RECYCLER. It can be a machine that turns any type of waste into a new product. New product can be: new materials, new everyday items, new animal species, new plant species, clean air, clean and drinkable water… This machine can fix anything that humans have damaged with their behavior.

To participate in the competition, you need to register your class community by sending an email to rastimozajedno@rts.rs

If you are in Belgrade or can make it to our festival on November 22nd, 23rd or 24th, we invite you to attend. Festival admission is free.

Ukoliko nas posetite tokom trajanja festivala ,svako odeljenje će dobiti na poklon paket sa početnim materijalima potrebnim za izradu ULTRA RECIKLATORA i edukativnu emisiju koja će vam pomoći u konkretizaciji vaše ideje. Emisija je realizovana u produkciji Art Beat Centra, u saradnji sa WWF Adria.

Afterward, when you start the process of creating the ULTRA RECYCLER, you’ll need to send photos of the process and the final result along with a brief description to the email address rastimozajedno@rts.rs by March 1, 2024.

The most imaginative ideas and the announcement of the winner will be posted on the festival’s website and on the RTS website. The organizers will also visit the winners in their working environment and present them with prizes.